Customized Learning Plans

We recognized that children learn differently. This is why we create learning plans for all types of learners; visual, auditory and kinesthetic

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Our Mission

To boost student's grades and confidence by providing them with the skills they need to independently grow as learners

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We provide tutoring in all subjects as well as essay and resume help for grades K-12. Can't meet us at a library, no problem! We also offer in home tutoring

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What We Are About

Study Hall Tutoring is a company that offers one on one tutoring to students from kindergarten to grade twelve. We are known for providing customized tutoring that fits the learning styles of our students. Our team is constantly collaborating and drawing on inspiration from all aspects of life to develop unique, creative and fun lesson plans. Our team members are all dedicated individuals who have a love for teaching and learning.

Unlike other companies one of our main focuses are building student's confidence. We give them the skills they need to independently grow as learners. Although we love meeting new students, we adore watching our students "leave the nest" and conquer their educational goals on their own.